Monday, September 15, 2008

For Jackie

To answer Jackie's question, this is where Little Piece of Texas comes from. For any Survivor fans, you will know that the 2nd season of Survivor was on in 2001. I was pregnant in 2001 and we were having the hardest time coming up with a boy name. We had a girl name picked out (Ashleigh Erin), but could not decide on a boy. We already had the middle name picked out (Adam) but were having the hardest time finding a name that we both liked. I fell in love with the name Colby from Colby Donaldson. Neither one of us had heard it before, and loved the way Colby Adam sounded. So, although he TECHNICALLY wasn't named after Colby Donaldson, we did steal his name. So, since Colby Donaldson is from Texas, my Colby is my "little piece of Texas". Now you know.

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