Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm becoming obsessed

While surfing around blogs the other night waiting for Rob to come home, I found this great blog out of my newly adopted province of Saskatchewan. It's quirky, funny and full of pictures. And best of all, she updates almost every day. This is what has been on my mind all day:

OK, listen up, folks. Time for a new name for this blog, and I am taking suggestions from you, our valued readers. (Some of you might have to de-lurk for just a moment, but it's for a good cause.) I've been doing a bit of surfing and reading myself - since I have absolutely nothing else to do - and there are some decidedly witty blogs out there, with interesting and quirky and pun-ish titles. The Mother Load (love it!), Testosterhome (too good), Deathbed Moment (see what I mean about quirky?). The options are endless! So put on your thinking caps while you're sitting there wasting time trying to vicariously be a farmer. I'm going to go read some more because, like I said, I have absolutely nothing else to do!

This is her latest post and I'm trying to come up with something. Normally I can do this, but this one has me stumped. I'm passing this along to you, my blogger friends, to see what you come up with. And I would encourage you to drop over and see her blog. Unless of course you're in the high north and craving fresh produce. Don't blame me when you start salivating over your keyboard. :) Her blog is on my blogroll as Shraefel Farm.

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Clem and Chandra Schraefel said...

This is me, gushing. You're too kind. I think you like my blog because you're a mom of boys, too. We warriors have to stick together! Your boys are so cute, they remind me of our older two when they were that age. Enjoy them - the time passes so quickly! And just so you know, you've checked in on a good run. I sometimes go a month without posting! But gone are those lolling around days I now have a standard to live up to!

PS. The tomatoes do look good, don't they!