Friday, September 26, 2008

Terry Fox walk

Today the preschool had a Terry Fox walk. At the preschool here in town, Joey is not old enough to attend (kids have to be 3) so they offer a drop in program on Wednesday mornings. Joey and I go every Wednesday morning and we both really enjoy the company of people our own age. They made signs to carry yesterday for the walk and invited us to come and walk with them this morning. The RCMP Corporal escorted the kids with the police truck and they were followed by the preschool van. The kids thought it was the greatest thing to follow the truck, especially when he turned on the sirens! Have I mentioned how much I love this town?


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

That is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Our kids went for a walk with school today. It is called Healthy commotion. This is the second year. Since our school has been closed and the kids are bused to St. John's everyday. What they do is bring the Paradise Kids home to Paradise for the walk. Nice to have them have a school function in Paradise. It was neat to see you guys had a special walk today too.

Mary Lou