Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random pictures from the past couple of weeks

My little angels.
2.5 seconds later.

Colby has taken a huge fascination with Lego. It's amazing what this child can build.

This is where he sits and quotes most of the movie. I swear if the word is in this movie he can now say it.

Notice the car in his hand?

On the floor playing Game Boy. Seriously, how old is this child? And believe it or not, the game in the machine is Cars. He really is obsessed.

A winning smile, or pure evil, depending on the angle and his mood.


Nanny said...

Great pictures.I am so proud of my grandsons,even though I'm sick with the flu seeing pictures of the boy's brings a smile to my face. Love you all. Mom

Valentina said...

Uber-cute is all I can say! Both Colby and Joey look so grown up... very handsome! Seriously, where does time go, though?!?