Monday, September 22, 2008

Help me keep my sanity

Normally I wouldn't do this, but life in the Schwartz residence is becoming strained. Well, specifially MY life when Joey and I are home alone. Joey has become obessed with the movie Cars. He has all the dinkies, a stuffed Lightning McQueen and is now quoting part of the movie (which is HUGE thing for him). Here's the problem. Our copy is scratched and doesn't play. I borrowed a copy from a friend to copy but for some reason my DVD player is now becoming fussy on what it plays. Does anyone have a copy of this movie that they no longer use and would be willing to donate it to to the "Save Tina's sanity" cause? I have checked E.B.ay but by the time shipping is factored in, I would be paying more for a used copy then I would to buy a new one. I don't forsee me going into the "big city" until the end of October, and that's a LONG time to listen to "Mommy, Oh Yeah?(Lightning) Der(Mader)? Nonner (Nodders)" Which translated from Joey language means

"Mommy, can we please put on Cars while I play with the dinkies I have from the movie? Oh please mommy, I'll love you forever!"


Megan said...

Facebook or e-mail me your address and I'll send you a care package.

bea3855 said...

So intresting to follow your family and how it is going with you. Seems you are all very happy!
You are welcome to watch my blog as well:!
European Greetings

OHN said...

Ours was "the lion king". S2 watched it over and over and over. He is now 18 and last Christmas Santa put a new DVD (the old was vhs) in his stocking. He was totally psyched! Boys never grow up ya know!

elmo said...

"keeping your sanity" I never knew you to be sane... when did you find your sanity?? :)

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Adam: When my other husband stopped responding to my voicemails! Jerk.

elmo said...

so let me get this straight... you found your sanity when I stopped responding? So if I'm a jerk you must have been enjoying the insanity.... ;)