Thursday, October 23, 2008

How my day went

So here's a summary of what happened in my house today

I received a phone call today from Colby's principal letting me know that he has lost his recess privledges for the next 2 days for fighting. Yes, you read that right, f-i-g-h-t-i-n-g. My little quiet angel is really not. Seems that the fight yesterday he instigated but was not directly involved in, and the fight today he was in. It wasn't a fistfight (yet), it was more of a scrap. It ended up with a bit of kicking and then Colby crossed the line and threw a rock.

Now, picture a crestfallen Colby shuffling off the bus to the door, waiting to be reamed out by me. So, being the thoughtful considerate mom I am, I decided to have some fun with him.

Colby walking through the door "Hi mom, are you mad?"

me:"No, why would I be mad?"

At this point his face lights up, thinking that I didn't get the phone call the principal told him she would be making. So then of course I said

"I got an interesting phone call today".

At this point his face dropped because then he knew he was busted. We had a chat about the fine line of defending yourself and being a bully, and the importance of using your words when you can. We also talked in length about the dangers of throwing rocks, which he understood.

I told him that since he was being restricted from recess for the next 2 days, he would also lose privledges here for the same time. We have a DVR which has a lot of his shows on it, and I told him that he would not be allowed to use it for this time. He didn't like it but he agreed.

At this point, I went into the kitchen for something and no sooner was in there that Joey was on my heels holding the remote for the DVR. He looks up at me and says "Pokemon Mommy?" Now, Joey does ask to watch shows, Roli Poli, The Doodlebops but never Pokemon. So I asked Joey "Did Colby as you to come in to me?" Which of course Joey said "Yes". (Joey's speech is growing by the day and we can finally understand his answers.) So I went out to Colby and asked him if he sent Joey in to me to put on Pokemon, which he admitted to. THE LITTLE BRAT! I didn't think that using his little brother to get what he wanted was going to happen already! It's all I could do to not laugh. Little monster.

And of course, what's a post without pictures!

This is in Colbys school. This is where they have assemblys and such. This was a Math Night they had the other night.

Colby and Amber trying to see how many drops of water they can get on a penny. Colby and Daddy breaking a wishbone from the thanksgiving turkey. Colby won!


allmycke said...

You handled that situation admirably - especially the part about not laughing... I would have had to hide my face in a turtle neck to make sure he didn't see the smile on my lips!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Oh what a little turd!! Hopefully that doesn't happen again.

Way Way Up said...

Looks like a nice school. Kendra actually mentioned it to me the other day. Now I know she wasn't kidding. I taught a year up the road from you in La Loche. SK has some nice looking schools considering how isolated some of those communities are.

I think I might actually be afraid to live and teach in a place where there are actually consequences. I might have a heart attack if I moved out of here and saw something like that.

...and yes, you're cupboards look just like one's I saw in a picture on Jen's blog. They remind me cupboards I used to have in the kitchen of a former SK I'm pretty sure.

OHN said...

Saying this as the mother of 3 boys....The fun has just begun :)

Kel P said...

Oh boy. He is wayyyy too smart for his own good. With any luck the fighting is out of his system. Good luck with him not conning Joey though. That was a stroke of brilliance!

Alex said...

that could be the coolest looking assembly area I have ever seen. Electrical plugs to boot!

I wonder if it's a rite of passage amongst the kids to attempt jumping from the top into the centre cicle...