Friday, October 03, 2008

Package from Megan!

Colby is not sure about the shirt. "It has a bad word on it Mommy". I assured him it was Ok. A friend of mine gave Joey a VSmile. He is playing "Cars". He looks so old!

"I can do that!"


Mommy and Daddy got treats too!

And of course, the Cars movie. He was soo excited to see it, and had to run to Colby's room to watch it. Notice the dinkies? They go everywhere with him.

Megan, you're too kind. This was a great surprise! A big thanks from all of us.


Way Way Up said...

LOL...I have one of little street sign buried away in a box here too. They sure do grab your attention.

Megan said...

I am so glad the package finally arrived! I was starting to think it wouldn't get there this week.

I had great fun picking everything out. I hope it reminds you of your friends in the north.