Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just like Uncle Adam

This is a few more pictures from this afternoon's rock throwing. This is the "true" Colby coming out, and I could think was "Man, Uncle Adam would be so proud right now". What you see in the pictures at first glance is Colby playing with a rock in the water. What you don't see is the little fish that is in the water that Colby is squishing with the rock in his hand. (The fish was already dead, I think) How is it that Colby can be so much like a guy that he is technically not related to? I can just see a 7 year old Adam doing the same thing, and laughing about it like Colby was. He enjoyed it a little to much in my opinion.

1 comment:

NANNY said...

tell Colby not to squesh the little fishy with a rock. The little bugger hes laughing and I bet he enjoyed it ,just like a boy. Tell him Nanny is going to kick his butt, just joking,gotta go ,Luv you all