Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nothing blogworthy so pictures it is

We went to gym night tonight with Joey's preschool. As you can see, he fits right in.

Woo hoo! Toys!

Colby playing tag.

He's getting so tall. He was being bad and wouldn't look at the camera.

We received a package in the mail from Marylou and her boys. Here he is excited about his new Pokemon cards.

This is my cranky boy. I wanted him to stand up and show off his jacket, which is a jacket that Gramma made for Colby. As you can see, he had other plans that included a temper tantrum.

In Colby's package from Marylou there was also these plates. He loved them but refused to let me put anything on them. He instead plays with them and lines them all up on the floor.

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Anonymous said...

So glad the boys enjoyed there treats, I will show Ray and Robert when they get up.
Mary Lou