Thursday, April 07, 2011

Day 10: My favorite outfit

I know, you're shocked. It's girly. BUT, in my defense, it's blue. I own these pajamas. I ordered them from Avon and I LOVE them. When I have pajama days at home, this is what you can find me in. Super uber comfy.

Thanks Kelly, you're the only one who noticed. :)


Kelly said...

I may not be an expert in numbers, but what happened to ten? Oh wait....yes I am! :P

Kelly said...

lol sorry :P hee hee.

Allmycke said...

I have the ugliest night shirt in the civilized world, but it's soft and almost big enough for me to turn around in... If it weren't for Loki's need for walks on even on weekends, I'd live in it from Friday evening til Monday morning.