Saturday, April 01, 2006

Officially done work

It's been quite the week. I worked last Sunday, and begun feeling quite crappy Saturday night. Sunday night I came home and was quite nauseous. Monday I was really sick and really cramping, so I stayed home from work and Rob stayed home with me because something just didn't "feel right". Tuesday I was scheduled off work (which is why I worked Sunday) and still felt really gross. I was cramping A LOT, and sitting, which normally helped stop it, wasn't working. Rob went to work and was sent home by his boss when she found out I was home alone. No sooner did Rob get home that I felt like my water broke. This never happened when I had Colby, nor did any of the cramping I'm experiencing, so I was quite alarmed. We dropped Colby off at Nicole's and went to the Grace. We were there about 3 hours on the Early Delivery Unit, to find out that my water had in fact NOT broke and they sent me home. I was quite stressed, as you can imagine, but luckily the intern and the resident were quite funny. Well, at least Rob and I found it funny. When the intern attempted to listen for my heartbeat, she was listening on the RIGHT side. Last time I looked your heart is on your LEFT side. Then, when she decided to measure my belly, she asked ME where they measure from?! To top it all off, when the resident came in, she was fighting with the bed, WITH ME ON IT, in the "assume the position for me to stick this thing in you". I felt like we were reinacting the scene from Nine Months when Robin Williams in trying to figure out the bed. At this point all I could do was laugh and hold on. She was literally pushing and pulling on the bed to make some part of it slide out. Then, she says "Oh, I remember now, this is the BROKEN bed". It was the laugh I needed, as I was hanging on for dear lift and by this time poor Rob is nearly on the floor laughing. So, I called my boss Wednesday morning, changed my shifts on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to 12-8:30, and finished officially as of Friday. I can't keep pushing myself like this because I'm not getting enough sleep. I had an appointment with the "baby doctor" on Friday who agreed it was time for me to go off work and modify my life as much as possible. Everyone seems to think I'm going early, and I do too. I figure if I'm still pregnant after Easter it will be a shock to everyone! I would like to make it to at least 36 weeks, which is only 2 weeks away!


jods said...

I'm glad everything is ok!

Anonymous said...

So we are actually on Mat leave, the same time. To bad I'm just about to go back. Hope to see you this weekend.

Tawny said...

Glad you had some humor during what must have been a stressful time!

Get lots of rest and take care of yourself! :)