Wednesday, April 05, 2006

He's finally eating something else!

For anyone that knows Colby, you know what a fussy eater he is. When we came back from preschool yesterday he asked me if we had any maple syrup. Thinking this was something that must have come up in preschool, I said, "yes, we do" to which he replied with "Can I have some pancakes?" PANCAKES!!! I try in vain to offer him different food each day, and each day ends up with the same small variety of food. Fried bologna, hot dogs, cheese, saltine crackers, chicken and rice soup, chicken tenders, roast beef and gravy with potatoes. So, he had pancakes for supper last night at mom's, and we made pancakes for breakfast this morning. I'm afraid of giving it to him too much, because then he becomes sick of it and doesn't want it. He asked for meatballs for supper tonight, which I gladly made him! If only I could get him to eat fruit I'd be all set!


elmo said...

Beer & Pizza before you know it!! (literally as I'm not going to tell you about the beer :)

Tina said...

No you may not tell me, but Colby will!