Sunday, April 09, 2006

Uncle Adam's First time babysitting!

Well, if you can call 15 minutes babysitting, we finally roped in Adam to do it. My friend Sandra had an empty house last night (her husband and twins were gone for the night) so I went down with her. Rob called Adam and he came out to do "guy stuff", flying tieing our something equally as foolish. Rob had loaded the 4x4 in the back of the truck so I couldn't drive it and I was not all that comfortable and didn't want to drive the car. So, I asked in general if one of them could drive me down to Sandra's, which is a 15 minute round trip. Adam was bbqing his supper so Rob drove me down in his truck, leaving Colby here with him. Adam's truck is much too high for me to get into, so I'm sure from the outside world it was quite funny. (For those of you who don't know, Adam drives a 2001 Silverado). I had a great time at Sandra's. We sat around and did a whole lot of nothing for 5 hours. It was nice to just sit and relax. BJ and Kelly showed up today with their new car. A 2005 Kia Rio. Very cute little car. Silver. I like it. I have the hospital bag almost packed. Ordered a few things from Avon (travel shower gel which is a great shampoo, chap stick and deoderant) and also ordered part of Adelle's birthday present. It's been a productive weekend so far. Rob finally finished putting the varathane on the pine in the bathroom so it's almost done! Joey's room is still not done, but he won't be in there for a couple of months anyways so I'm not too concerned.

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