Friday, February 23, 2007

Another blogger moment

The boys and I went into Nicole's today to see the girls, as it has been a while. Kira has lost her first tooth and is very proud of this. She has been telling everyone, proudly showing her new bottom row of teeth without her center tooth, or her "hole". We were all in the livingroom today getting ready to leave when she showed me her gap again. I asked her if she had showed this to Colby. Colby, who was getting ready at the time only half heard our conversation and, in perfect blog-worthy timing said to Kira:

"Where's your hole?"

For 2 seconds I stared in shock, and then my chuckle would not stay in any longer. I looked up just in time to see Nicole turn away, trying to hide her laughter. My only comment? "Sometimes my blog just writes itself."

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