Thursday, February 22, 2007

You gotta blog that!

This is becoming more and more of a common phrase in this house. This should explain why...

This scene starts with the phone ringing


To which an automated voice replies

"Hello. This is Aliant. You have a collect call from (X) (I don't remember the name but it was male). To accept the charges, say "Yes".

I thought about this for about 2 seconds. Although I didn't know the name, if I DIDN'T accept the charges I would forever wonder if it was my long lost relative or someone who got the wrong number but is standing in jail with no further contact with the outside world but me. So of course I answered


"Thank you." (the automated voice)

So there I was. The moment of truth. Who could it be? I held my breath. I waited until the connection. And then I hear it. Backround noise. A jail? OH MY GOD SOMEONE IS CALLING ME FROM PRISON!

And then I hear...


"Hello" (I replied)

(audible sigh of relief from my unknown caller from jail)

"Hi. I'm sorry for the collect call but I didn't have any money with me. I'm calling from school. I'm wondering if you're still looking for a babysitter?"

Then all I hear is laughter. It took me a second to realize the laughter was mine.

And through my laughter I said to him

"You're calling me COLLECT to ask me for a job?"

I'm sure he could still hear me laughing when I attempted to compose myself and told him the position was filled and gently hung up the phone.

The best part of this entire thing? Joey started laughing with me. My beautiful little blued eyed angel was laughing with me, looking at me as if to say

"Mommy, I have no idea what you're laughing about, but you're funny while you're doing it and it looks fun so I'll do it too"

I would not have believed it, had it not happened to me. I think I'll keep and frame that phone bill.


Valentina said...

Thanks for the chuckle, Tina! What a great way to start my day...

dawn mclaughlin said...

Yes, thanks for the laugh- and I'm glad you laughed through the experience- It's the only way to live, I think!