Saturday, February 17, 2007

More than a little disturbed

Suspect may have posed as cop. Accused in child porn, sex assault case also worked with teen group

RCMP are investigating whether a Lower Sackville man charged with sexual assault and making child pornography has been passing himself off as a police officer. Michael John Kaye, 24, of Walker Connector Road was in possession of various pieces of police, paramedic and firefighter uniforms and identification, said RCMP spokesman Cpl. Joe Taplin. Whether Mr. Kaye may have posed as an emergency services worker "would be part of the investigation," Cpl. Taplin said Friday. The Mounties are also reviewing their own security procedures in light of Mr. Kaye’s admission into the RCMP’s Stetsons and Spurs youth program. "He has volunteered with the group since September," said Cpl. Taplin, adding Mr. Kaye was never alone with any teens in the youth group without another adult leader present. Police do not believe Mr. Kaye had any contact with teens involved in Stetsons and Spurs outside of its regular meetings. The girl who Mr. Kaye allegedly assaulted and whose images were discovered on his laptop was not a member of the group, Cpl. Taplin said. Mr. Kaye was arraigned in Halifax provincial court this week on charges of sexual assault and making and possessing child porn. He has been released on a $1,000 recognizance and conditions including an 11 p.m.-6 a.m. curfew, having no contact with the alleged victim and staying from areas where children may be present. He is also banned from using cellphones and accessing the Internet with computers. Cases of citizens impersonating police officers are fairly rare, Cpl. Taplin said. Anyone doubting an officer’s identity should ask to see his or her ID and then take a close look at it. "Real police officers would never have a problem showing their identification," Cpl. Taplin said. "Our officers all carry photo ID and a badge. "If people are still a little skeptical, they can call in a uniformed officer." Mr. Kaye selects a court for trial April 11.

This article appeared in today's newpaper. This is more than a little disturbing to me, because even though it disturbes me enough that someone like this lives so close to us (less than 10 minutes) THIS MAN HAS BEEN IN MY HOUSE. Yes, I know this man. There was a time I would say I knew him well. He is / was the boyfriend of a former co-worker of mine, someone at one point I considered a close friend. So close in fact that when Rob and I went to Cape Breton for Adelle's christening, I borrowed her car (it was a VW diesel), and they spent the weekend. Here. In my house. That perverted imposter slept in my house! The thought that bothers me the most is on that weekend she picked up Colby from mom's for me and had him here at the house with her until we came home that evening. Now, in her defence, I don't know if she was involved with this or not. I know when she first met him he stated to her that he was an undercover cop, who was also a paramedic and a volunteer firefighter. At the time, it didn't sound nearly as ridiculous as it does now. But, on the other side of that, she has been living with him for 2 years, and must be still with him as on the cover of yesterday's Daily News (which I have not seen yet) she is in the photograph with him. I have a hard time believing that she was involved with this with him, but the more logical part of me thinks "hell, she's been living with him for 2 years, how could she NOT know?" It scares me to think how many other little girls (these girls were 14) that he assaulted before he was caught. The thought of it sickens me.


dawn mclaughlin said...

OH MY GOD, TINA! I don't blame you for freaking out- I'm FREAKING OUT. I'm here shaking with it. You must be just...I dunno. I'm thinking about you- and you're beautiful boys.

It's scary that a wolf could be so close to your family... terrifying. Will you talk to the police?

Tina said...

I don't think there would be any need for me to talk to the police. He never did anything to us directly, except lie to us, like he did to everyone else. But you're right Dawn, it's MUCH too close to home for me.

Anonymous said...

Understandably too close to home. Like most of us, though, I bet you can remember a time when something slipped right under your nose, either by being hidden well or explained away by someone who was good with a line. What's important is what she does now. Life is complicated and we try to hang on to what we know. Maybe she'll wise up, maybe she won't. Either way, I'm betting she already has enough people asking her how she could have been so stupid. If you believe in it, you could send a little positive energy her way and hope for the best, even if she's out of your life.

Valentina said...

Gosh, I cannot believe it. You hear things like that happening and you are disgusted by it all, but somehow you think it's far away, and it won't happen close to you. But it does. I send you a hug, Tina, because I think you need it right now. I don't blame you for freaking out... As Dawn wrote, I am freaking out as well!

jods said...

It is so scary Tina to realize that there are many wolves (to use dawn's quote) out there preying on our children. You can only do what you have been doing all along, your very best to ensure their safety. To think of anything else is unbearable.

I also agree with annonymous... your friend may not have known what kind of creep she was living with -sometimes you can never really know a person at all. Someone I know very well lives with the grief every day of letting a beloved and trusted family friend take care of her son when he was a child, this friend is now in jail for child molestation. She lives with the constant guilt that she trusted this monster with her child and didn't even know of these events till recently (yes he molested her son too). But she is a great mom and this wasn't her fault. Life is so damn scary. Like I said, just continue to be the best mom you can - you are doing a great job.

(Oh and what is even worse, the monster's wife is sticking by his side while he does his time)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment. Her standing by his side is unimaginable. If she's not involved, then she is awfully stupid if she believes he is innocent. How else would the pictures end up on his laptop.

The damage done by someone like him is hard to get past. I hope the ones assulted have a strong family base to help them deal with it.

Tina said...

Please leave your name when you leave anonymous comments so I know who you are.

Anonymous said...

Him being a liar is not a new thing, being with the 14 year olds is. I knew him when he was 16 and he was a big fat liar then. I told my friends of his lie and they never believed me, they believed him because he was such a good guy, respected and a good liar. Only years later did they realize I was right about him. You could have never have know what he was saying was right or wrong because he has been practicing it for 8 years now. Please remember, you were duped, but you are not alone. Thanks
Scott in NB

Anonymous said...

He duped me too. We dated for a while and he pulled the same stunts and more.
If anyone has any info ion what mikes been up to please feel free to email me