Tuesday, February 13, 2007

House of the sick

The stomach flu has been running rampant through this house. I had it for a day or so, just feeling yucky, but hey, there's no calling in sick when your full time job is mommy! Colby had a bad case of it, and now Rob is not feeling the best. He stayed home from work yesterday and is not feeling the best today. My sister is having a rough time with it also. Just gross all around.

We got a call last night from A&G. Looks like they may be coming down this weekend! I can't wait! Lots of eating, laughing and either Sequence or Scene It!

We have been very busy with house renovations. We re-painted the living room, and for all who have been in here, we painted the panelling. This house was originally a 2 bedroom house, and when the previous owners separated the front bedroom into 2, the added a piece onto the room, coming out into the livingroom. It's hard to notice if you don't look, but the hallway is about 3 feet longer on one wall. Anyways, when they added this they put up pine panelling, and stained it a very dark color. When we first painted the house, we didn't paint the panelling, but this time around we did and boy what a difference! We also re-did all the pictures in the living room, and now the living room is mostly black and white pictures of the kids. We didn't have a lot of family pictures in the livingroom first time around, but I'm very proud of my family and my photography and am just thrilled that this is now the first thing you see when you come in my house. Open invitation for all to come and see!

These are the "before" pictures, I'll post the after pictures later this weekend after A&G come up. I'm not ruining the suprise! LOL


Valentina said...

Can't wait to see the difference! I love photographs around the house, especially if you have kids.

elmo said...

Did rob injure himself this time? no sawed off fingers?

Tina said...

Hmm, no sawed off fingers, didn't fall off a ladder, nope, nothing yet! But, there is laminate to put down in the bedroom, so we'll let you know to be on standby to drive him to Emergency!