Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dog anyone?

These are the dogs that have been around my house for the last week. When we first moved here, the hardest thing I had to get used to is the amount of dogs that run free. I have only seen 1 cat since I moved here, and that is a housecat . I must admit, it's nice to walk outside and not worry about stepping in cat poo or hear a cat fight at night. Even though dogs run free here, I have never seen dog poop anywhere, and very seldom do you hear them bark. The dogs are beautiful and for the most part quite friendly. It's when I see dogs as beautiful as this guy I waver a bit in my opinion of "No, I don't want a dog". I could literally go outside, start feeding this guy and he'd be ours. The downside? What do we do when we go home? These dogs will not come inside at all, even in the dead of winter. I would have a hard time knowing my dog is outside in the middle of a snowstorm at -50. Connie and David have a husky, who looks exactly like "Demon" in 8 below. I haven't had a chance to photograph him yet, but I plan to. I took the above picture from my livingroom window this morning.


Anonymous said...

looks like great dogs but as we would say been there done that dad

Jods said...

The dogs are gorgeous and I think it is our natural instinct to want to care for them, but better for them to stay where they are then for you to try and care for them and then lose you when you move away. It would be very difficult for them to cope in a heavily popluated environment.

Dogs are such a big committment as I'm sure you realized with Chili. Whatever happened to him anyway?

Rob & Tina said...

Chili was our "foster puppy", and when Kassie got set up in her own apartment and we found out we were moving she went back with her. She's doing fabulously. There is no way we would have been able to take Chili with us up here, she would never have survived the winters.

Jen said...

Hey there,

I for some reason don't see a dog as a huge responsibility, especially up here. Mine is so little maintenance it's a crime, feed once a day and love up occasionally. But you run into problems going south... like crappy airlines that don't take pets (ahem air Canada).

Tallinn (my dog) is so happy outside, he comes in at night and goes out during the day, it's a perfect mix. I used to worry about polar bears eating him or something bazaar like that being a southerner, but now I know that bears actually dislike dogs and tend to stay away. I can tell you I have never felt safer from bears or people when being around my big puppy!

Of course I am playing the devil on your shoulder....get a doggie...get a doggie!

I once knew a chihuahua Pomeranian mix named Nanook (polar bear in Inuktitut) that survived the cold weather up here pretty nicely.

I hope you don't mind I linked your blog to mine.

Rob & Tina said...

Jen you're a brat! LOL I would love to have one of the dogs here but since we work with the Northern we will definately end up being transferred at least 1 time, and then what do we do with the dog? I would hate for the kids to get attached to a dog and then have to leave it here. Maybe in our next community. :)

Jen said...

Why would you leave behind a member of your family? ;)