Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm so proud I cried

Meet Gerry. I met Gerry about a year ago through back home. I was a frequent user of this site, and gave away many things. I always prided myself that I would not give away anything that I wouldn't want to receive in return. I first met Gerry when I offered a queen sized comforter that mom was giving away. He was quick to reply that he wanted it and showed up the next day to get it. After that, I gave him a winter jacket that we had laying around. He joked that he told hjs wife that he now had another woman who not only kept in warm in bed but kept him warm all day long. Long story short, he ended up getting a fair amount of stuff from me when I moved and was purging the house, and also bought my Grand Am. Gerry and his wife were a bit down on their luck when it came to vehicles, as theirs died and they did not have the financial means to repair it.

He sent me a beautiful email when we moved up here, telling me how much happier they both were now that they had a reliable vehicle again. They are a very social couple, and love to go to dances and take long drives. He told me how much the car means to them, as they were able to recapture a part of their social lives they were desperately missing. He also told me that he had been unemployed up to the point of getting the car, and has now found himself a good job that he enjoys.

I received an email from him a few weeks ago telling me that he did a commerical and an ad for responsible gambling, and I asked him to let me know when it would be aired so I could watch for it as we have satellite TV and I have the stations from back home. I received another email from him tonight with the link, and the ad campaign is due to start running tomorrow. When I watched the ad I bawled. I feel like I have known him for years, even though the only time I have ever really spent with him is when we went for a test drive the day he bought the car. He let me in on a little secret that day also. In all his emails, he signed it, "Take care, Gerry" so one would assume that was his name. He told me that Gerry was in fact his wife, and his name was Merle! He said that he really didn't have a reason to correct me up to that point so he didn't! I laughed! It still makes me smile, because to me he will always be Gerry. When I watched the ad, the very last sentence he says made me bawl. When you see him and his wife together, it's very obvious how much they are in love. If I had to guess, I would say they've been married as long as my parents, if not longer. His wife just had a medical scare that thank god turned out to be just that, a scare and nothing else. But it could have been a lot worse, and I know the past month for them has been very stressful. When you see the ad, you'll see what I mean. You can see the ad here.


Kara and Matt said...

That is a really touching story! And the ad is pretty cute as well!

Denise said...

wow -- sweet, sweet, sweet