Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The last week in picture review

This was Adam's solution to Joey's crying. Joey has been teething really bad. Typical non-parent! Big man doesn't crawl anymore!

I thought this was too funny. Both Joey and Adam were working on their laptops!

This is what the kids do in Rae when there's no school. Well, not all the kids. There are a couple really bad kids here that do nothing but cause trouble. The top pictures are of the door of the gas bar right next to my house. These pictures were taken at 3Am, just before Adam and Rob boarded it up and I swept up all the glass. The bottom picture is what is left of a shed, one of 2 that were burned down that night. The only other picture I didn't take was of the wood underneath the propane tanks at the Northern Store. They were trying to blow up the propane tanks! It's not always like that here, this was just one crazy, crazy night.

This is a picture that Adam took of a Linx.

This is the view on the right side of my house. A week ago this was all trees. A week from now it will be a diesel tank for the new diesel fuel the gas bar will be selling. This means my house will have a gas bar on the left of it, a gas tank in front of it, and a diesel tank on the right of it. No, I'm not paranoid, can you tell? :)

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