Sunday, September 02, 2007

Yard sales and Uncle Adam

I went to quite a few yard sales yesterday in Yellowknife. Our friend Adrian (The Mexican or Paedro, depending on who you ask) left yesterday for vacation back home to Toronto and I drove him to the airport. Since he had an early flight, I took advantage of it and headed out to the last yard sales of the year. Yellowknife is amazing for yard sales! I bought the baskets for 3.00 for all of them, the cabbage patch dolls were 2.00 for all of them (they are the original cabbage patch dolls, and 2 of them are twins), a pair of new hikers for Colby (forgot to put them in the picture) for 4.00, a tent for 3.00 (it's a triangle shaped tent, a 2 person), the loaf pan, blue holder thinging and dinkies were free from the lady who sold me the tent, a great tupperware dish with a lid perfect for Joey (also forgot to put in the picture) for .25. It was great to just go in the city all by myself. It's the first time I've been in there without at least 1 kid since I moved here. Adam also got in last night. The "bubble" has already begun. For those who don't know Rob and Adam, whenever they are together a bubble forms around them and they don't hear anything and there's just no getting their attention. I joked last night I'll get a lot of reading done over the next 2 weeks. I'd also like to send a big thank you to Gramma Jeannine for sending Colby a book of styrofoam airplanes. It's a really neat book that has pop out of airplanes that you assemble and fly. He very quickly put them all together without help, and I have spent the last 1/2 hour listening to "Mommy, look how well this flies!" My living room looks like an airport! With that mixed with Joey pressing the button in his tractor book, it's a loud but fun morning!

In other news, Joey is now climbing. I don't remember Colby doing this at all. Joey can now climb from the floor up on the couch. I have moved teh couch out of the way and put large throw pillows on the floor, just in case. He knows how to roll down off the couch, but he has already went down once on his face so better to be safe than sorry!

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What about the stuff that grandma and puppa just sent.