Friday, September 28, 2007

Life at the Northern

Well, this is the start of my on going commentary on what work is like way up North. First I would like to say that staffing is a BIG issue. I have seen the same girl walkout and not come back and then get re-hired a month later. It's very hard in this town where it seems that noone wants to work at all. The few that do want to work do not want to work consistently. Which means they work hard for about 2 weeks and then they spiral downwards. Another thing that they do hear is show up late, VERY late. This has taken a lot of getting used to. It doesn't get to me like it did before but it still bothers me. Last night the girl covering the night shift at the gas bar, which is 3 hours long, called to say that she would be 30-45mins late at 4:50. At 6:15 she was still not there. I went over so that the day shift guy could go home, trying to keep this guy happy as he is one of our ONLY reliable people we have. She showed up around 6:45 and said she was sorry but offered no explanation.

That brings me to my next topic. The excuses I have heard so far since moving to the north for not coming into work or arriving late. 10. Im too Tired, I was out all last night

9. I'm still Hung over

8. My auntie is sick

7. She wont be in, she is eating

6. I have a Runny nose

5. I just need the day off

4. My car wont start (they lived 3 streets away)

3. "She's still sleeping", "well, can you wake her"? "no"

2. I don't have a phone

1. My Tonsels hurt

So, my feelings I have when I have an employee who is late, I'm pissed! I don't say anything, I just try to call. When they show up I am relieved that they showed up at all and go on about my day. The requirements for working at the northern store as a cashier or stocker are....

-They must be alive

-They must be over 16

-and they must be....well, alive..I think that is it.. There may be more, I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

life in the great white north who do you talk to about a job there lol poppy

Kara and Matt said...

Oh- you forgot one on your list!

11. I am still drunk.

Exact same problems here!!