Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Boo Day

Happy Halloween everyone! It's been very stressful in this house over the last couple of days which is why I haven't posted. There are things going on right now in our life that I don't want to discuss here, but if I don't post for a few days I just wanted to let everyone know we have not fallen off the top of the earth.

I have also decided to try my hand at substituting at the school. Initially I wanted to do this at Colby's school but since the daycare here didn't work out that didn't happen. We are lucky enough to have another community 10 minutes up the road that also has a school. Their school is from P-12 and they have a daycare on site for staff and students. So, I called there last week asking them if I would be able to use their daycare if I substituted in their school. As anyone in the North knows, the schools are desperate for reliable substitute teachers. So, I have been slowly introducing Joey to the daycare. I think the issue we had with the one over here has made him really nervous about daycare. We have been there 3 days so far, with today being the first day I left him there. The last 2 days we have gone and stayed about an hour and I stayed with him. Today I left him for an hour and went down to the library. He cried the entire time. Tomorrow I will be leaving him for 2 hours, and Friday I will leave him for the morning. Starting Monday I will be subbing in the school and he will be there for the full day. The best thing about this daycare is they are used to "southern" kids, as 1/2 of the kids there are teachers kids. Children in the north are raised very differently than children from the south, where as kids from the north are so used to being left with other people that daycare is not an issue. Kids like Joey who spend most of their time with their parents tend to be nervous and cry at first in daycare. This is why the daycare in this community didn't work. The daycare workers at the school are accustomed to kids crying, and know what to do to give kids like Joey time to adjust on his own. They keep assuring me he will be fine, and even this morning when I picked him up they again assured me that he will be fine, because "he has to get used to it". Which is true. I want to work up here, and the financial goals we have set can be achieved much faster if there are 2 incomes. Here's hoping!


Dusty Boot said...

Best of luck! Hope he'll adjust to the daycare quickly.

OHN said...

I think daycare is harder on mom than it is for the kids usually :(

I hope all is ok with you way up there :)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the teaching Tina. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Just keep in mind that if they say "but OUR teacher lets us do it" you can be pretty damn sure they are lying to you!!!! anyway, good luck and I'll talk to you soon.