Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

What a difference 24 hours makes! Doesn't look like a lot of snow but it's been blowing around. Yesterday was -6 with the windchill and today is -15. Tomorrow is calling for -13 BEFORE the windchill. I'm hibernating until April!


Kara and Matt said...

Hurray! Winter!

Jen said...

Snow just makes everything more pretty!

Kate Nova said...

I love the snow. It was coming down regular but light for a day or so and is so beautiful.
BTW, did y'all get the N-Mart picture I emailed last week, or did it bounce back?

Rob & Tina said...

Kate I sure did get the picture! I thought I emailed you back a thank you but I guess I didn't. Sorry. I'm working on compiling the pics together now.

OHN said...

I have this urge to send you a very large blanket.

We have had amazing weather here in Ohio. It is just now starting to get cool...50(F) ish and our trees are changing. I love snow but don't know if I could take it for as long as you get it there!

I haven't commented in a bit because I have been trying to work instead of spending my life online. BUT...I have to tell you, if you ever decide to sell those little guys, I will start the bidding :) Watching them and listening absolutely warms my heart. Honestly, I swear, it WAS just yesterday that my guys were little and chatting away. Now I get alot of teenaged glares. Ah yes, fun times.