Friday, August 29, 2008

New blog!

A little boy I know has made his own blog and would like everyone who reads this to go and see it. Please take a second to jump over and see, and leave a comment. We have been working on journals all summer to keep up with his printing, but now that he is back in school we have decided to take a new approach. This was completely his idea, and will be a good way to encourage him to read and improve his spelling. Take a peek here and add it to your favorites. The deal with him making his own blog was that he has to make a post everyday, even if it is only one sentence. So, the more comments he has, the more he will be encouraged to keep writing.


Kennie said...

Tina - what an excellent learning opportunity and outlet for Colby! He's going to be up in the cutting edge of literacy for the NetGen! I love it! Oh, and I like the fish too.

Way Way Up said...

Sorry if your fish appear a little sluggish. I might have overfed them :) ...but it was neat to watch.