Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pictures from the last couple days

My sossy children.

We went to Buffalo Narrows yesterday and this rock was outside the hotel / restaurant where we had lunch. By far, the best sign I have seen so far in the North. And, it's a great store!

Bike riding with Daddy.


Anonymous said...

Hey brother.... Where's the helmet?????????? gotta keep your melon safe!!!! sis

Indigo said...

Better than nothing...........I so love it!

Andy and Sue said...

Nice pics of the family,and so active riding around.
we put an answer to your question on our blog. not sure how to do everything on this blog thingy yet.
Andy and Sue

Anonymous said...

Tina I just looked at the recent pictures. The boy's are adorable.I'm proud to say,I do have a purpose, remember what you said to me yes and I finally know now, my amazing kids, and Colby,Joey &Alan who I hold very close to my heart my Grandkids who mean the world to me.Thanks to everyone for understanding and been patient with your Mom. Love to all. Mom