Sunday, August 17, 2008

We're done... sort of (not in order)

I couldn't resist posting this. He's soo big!

Finally, all mowed. Now we just have to rake.

Rob shows his appreciation of me taking pictures and not helping.

This shows you how big the yard is. Doesn' t he look impressed that I was waiting in the doorway to take this picture??
We finally have the back yard all cut and the firepit built out of beach rocks. I am convinced that there is something that lives in our backyard that did not want us to cut this grass. When Rob brought the ride on home the first time, the belt came off, so landscaping stopped. Then, after the ride on was fixed, he tried it again and something else happened to it and now the blade is seized so it's now at the mechanic being fixed. He then brought home a push mower from the store which died after he finished cutting the front yard. He ended up borrowing the push mower from the detachment to finish the job.


Anonymous said...

They don't have goats or cows.They could have eaten it all by the time it took to mow it.


Rob said...

All we have here are Pelicans and Grey Herons. Oh, Sea Gulls and Ravns too, the odd bear but no goats or cows...

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

hehehe Love Rob giving you the finger! My hubby loves to use it as well. I think we are a lot alike Tina!!!

Yard looks great Rob!!