Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tagged by Elise

I was tagged a few days ago and haven't had the time until now to sit and do this.. so here you go.

My uncle once... danced with my Dad and I during the "father and daughter" dance at my wedding. Never in my life... have I worn flip flops for longer than 5 seconds.

When I was five... my brother was 2 and I put him in a washing machine.

High school was... known at the girl who hated flip flops.

I will never forget... that if it wasn't for my friend Tawny and a very late night conversation on her balcony overlooking The Public Gardens I probably would not have built up the courage to hit on Rob. But she wears flip flops.

Once I met... Kale Brown, who played Michael on Another World.

There’s this girl I know... who is in the process of writing the best book I've ever read.

Once, at a bar... I let a guy pick me up.

By noon, I’m usually:... out of my pajamas, but not always. But never in flip flops.

Last night... I watched "The Love Guru".

If only I had... a more reliable vehicle I would be doing weekend trips to Saskatoon and Prince Albert.

Next time I go to church... I will bring Colby with me.

What worries me most... is Colby's eating habits and Joey's terrible two's. And them wanting to wear flip flops.

When I turn my head left I see... a fan. There are many of them around my house right now.

When I turn my head right I see... the hallway.

You know I’m lying when... I smile and can't look you in the eye.

What I miss most about the Eighties is... calls from my grandparents.

By this time next year... our lives may be taking another big turn. And then again, maybe not.

A better name for me would be... Miss Sneezes-a-lot. Or Flip flop hater. Either is fine.

I have a hard time understanding... people who wear flip flops.

If I ever The next time I go back to school, I’ll... definately take photography courses.

You know I like you if... my kids like you. And you don't own flip flops.

If I ever won an award, the first person I would thank would be... the award presenter.

Take my advice, never... wear flip flops.

My ideal breakfast is... Tim Horton's coffee and a blueberry fritter. Or leftover chinese food.

A song I love but do not have is... thanks to my sister, I have all the songs I love!

If you visit my hometown, I suggest you... take the backrounds and avoid Sackville Drive.

Why won’t people...throw away their flip flops?

If you spend a night at my house... you'll starve to death and die of thirst if you're shy. I'll be nice and offer you something the first time, after that, make yourself at home.

I’d stop my wedding for... the proper footwear. When I got married, my sneakers were waiting for me in the car as soon as we got out of the church, and I wore them all night!

The world could do without...flipflops. And Winnie the Pooh.

I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than... wear flip flops.

My favourite blonde(s) is/are... obviously, my boys. And my brother.

Paper clips are more useful than... everything!

If I do anything well it’s... take pictures of my kids.

I can’t help (but)... craving a blueberry fritter, and hating flip flops.

I usually cry... usually? Hell I cry ALL the time, especially at movies and commericals. And when I see children wearing flip flops. That's just cruel.

My advice to my child/nephew/niece youth group girls: Never be afraid to do what you want. And throw away every pair of flip flops you own. They will make your feet fall off.

And by the way... I hate flip flops.

Alrightly, Jen, Kara, Kelly, Kennie and Trudie. Your turn!


Kel P said...

Tina...tell me how you really feel about flip flops. Please.

ohn said...

Wait a hate flip flops yet you buy your child crocs?? I think thou is a traitor.

Now please tell, is it the thingy between the toe you don't like? Maybe the catchy little tune of thwap thwap thwap when you walk? Or possibly the fact they are rubber? We need details girl.

Mongoose said...

Darn. And here I thought I had found the perfect pair of flip-flops to get you for Xmas. :)

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

The reason I hate flip flops is the noise they make. It DRIVES me. Flip flops have their place in the world. Public showers and pools. That's it. They are different from Crocs. Crocs are comfortable. Flip flops are wrong. Just wrong.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering.... should I tell your neices you don't like them cause they "own" flip flops and so does their mommy... and WE all love em!!!!


Anonymous said...

I wore flip flops the entire time I was reading your post, smacking 'em on the bottom of my foot! :-p
Love Kass

Tawny said...

I'm humbled by both mentions of me in your post, and therefore will not hold it against you that this entire post is anti-flip flops!!

(And I totally forgot about the laughing ducks until you mentioned it last night :).

Tawny said...

I'm humbled by both mentions of me in your post, and therefore will not hold it against you that this entire post is anti-flip flops!!

(And I totally forgot about the laughing ducks until you mentioned it last night :).

Kel P said...

There! All done. Enjoy!!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

ahahh I hate flip flops too!!!!! I hate crud between my toes.

And I will get on that pronto!! Don't think I could be as funny as you though.

I think you need to blog about meeting Rob.

elmo said...

Perfect, I know what you're getting for Xmas..... then I'll come visit to make sure you are wearing them.