Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To anonymous

Although I do appreciate that you have expressed your opinion, what I do not appreciate is that you are hiding behind "anonymous". I come from a family of hunters. I would eat wild meat over processed-bought-in-a-grocery store anyday. We also live in a rural area where meat is expensive and not always the best quality. My husband (well, both actually) is a hunter who hunts for the meat and not just the sport. All of the animal will be used, either by us or what we give to friends. Either leave your identity or don't comment. Any further anonymous comments will be deleted. - Tina


Anonymous said...

It's great to get an anonymous comment from someone who has something nice to say, but that doesn't seem to happen very often these days. Maybe people are too afraid to argue to use their real names.
Seriously, what's with all the anonymous arguments lately?

Anonymous said...

Eh.... don't mind the anonymous people. They're there to make life miserable. Happy hunting! And wow that's a good size deer. I never caught anything when I was living in NS. All those piles of apples we left.... tsk tsk!

OHN said...

Anonymous people are weenies with no balls.

Anonymous said...

WOW.....what a creeper.......I can't believe that someone would go on here...and leave comments like that....not welcome....... I love your blog, and EVERYTHING on it......and tonight....I'm having a little rabbit pie!!!!


Anonymous said...

Our neighbour has a bumper sticker that says it all. "Kids that hunt, trap, and fish don't mug little old ladies."
Nice of some shmuck that does not know anything about reality in rural Canada to help create a good debate.

jods said...

Unfortunately when we blog like this people will feel free to make their comments, and usually the ones who don't agree with us, choose to remain anonymous - that's what we open ourselves up to and even after we hit delete, it still leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

I wish more people were like me tho, because although I didn't particularly like the post, i.e. looking at the dead dear, and I too thought it doesn't particularly fall in with your usual blogs, I chose not to continue reading, and refrained from commenting because its YOUR blog, and you have the right to talk about your life and all in entails.

But I felt compelled after the last few posts, sorry :) and in your defense have this to say:

Although I HATE hunting, I do think that at least those wild animals had a much better life then animals raised to the slaugther house, and that the were killed much more humanely than many, and I agree, they are much healthier to eat then processed meats. I just don't like seeing the photos, but that's my problem, not yours - its your blog after all and I understand the hunter's need for 'bragging' rights (wink wink)


Rob said...

It's not bragging rights as far as I am concerned. It is a matter of pride and excitement. There are those hunters who go out for the trophies. The deer I shot was passed up by another group of hunters who thought it didn't have enough mass. They score the rack, they need to know how much the animal weighed. This is not a deer to brag about. It is a deer I am proud of. I have been trying for the last 6 years to get another deer. I consider myself lucky.

Anonymous said...

Consider yourself in elite company, look at the harrassment these morons provided this poor guy:


I don't think I could I pull the trigger, unless it was a him-or-me bear situation. But I do understand the importance of a sustenance hunting system.


Anonymous said...

What a great looking deer! My dad just got one this year and a moose as well. I remember being very little and watching my dad leave to go hunting, rabbit, moose, deer, bear... And to this day I remember the nursery rhyme that he would tell me before leaving.
I always get into fights with people about hunting. My favourite ones are the ones that argue that hunting is bad...as they stuff a cow steak down their gullet.
Happy hunting and enjoy dinner!

Anonymous said...

It's the original Anonymous who started all the trouble. Looking back, I guess maybe I should have expected such a response, and I apologize. I didn't mean to upset anyone, just give a point of thought. Had my father ever taken me hunting it would have caused me nightmares for years. I cannot imagine taking another life. I have fears of hitting an animal driving, because I worry about the family members of that animal searching for them, wondering what ever happened. But I will stick to my point that the content of that post do not seem to really fit with the majority of the content here.

Rob said...

Thank you for the apology! As for the content not fitting in with the normal posts, well, obviously Tina didn't post the pictures, I did. Tina and I have different hobbies, interests and posts. I don't make a lot of posts on the blog, and seeing how this post was something I wanted to share with my friends and family, I posted it on the blog. The reason it doesn't fit in with the rest of the posts is because I have never posted my hunting experiences on THIS blog before. We had another outdoor blog where my friend and I posted our outdoor experiences in Nova Scotia. WE haven't used that blog in well over a year. I feel no reason why we should censor OUR OWN BLOG for fear of offending someone else's beliefs.
On the up side, I think this is the first post I have made that has initiated SO MANY COMMENTS!! It is also nice to see how many people read the blog. Thanks everyone!