Friday, November 28, 2008

The past few days

The trip to Saskatoon has been overshadowed by the break in, but it was a good trip. We left for Saskatoon Tuesday morning at 5:30AM, as it is a 5-6 hour drive to Saskatoon, depending on the volume of deer on the road and required pee breaks. The drive was long but the kids were fabulous. We stayed at Motel 6 in Saskatoon, where the room was a bit on the small side but the kids loved the pool. Joey has no fear of water, and quickly let go of Rob completely to play in the water that was up to his neck. We figured as soon as he went under (which he did quite a few times) he would be scared and want to get out. Not this kid! We were all in bed by 8 PM and up the next morning by 6. We did lots of shopping at WalMart, and of course there were Tim Horton's runs. Conveniently there was a Tim Horton's in the parking lot of the hotel! SCORE!

I posted pictures on Facebook of both the break in and the trip. If you want to see the break in pictures, click HERE, and if you want to see the pictures of the trip, click here


indigo said...

Oh you guys, how awful to come home and find this after such a wonderful trip to the city. I feel for you big time. There are no words that can adequately describe or erase the hurt/anger/frustration and sadness you all must feel now.

indigo said...

and to leave the fridge and freezer open so all your food spoils......that is just down right mean and nasty and rotten and so deliberate.

indigo said...

Okay last one I promise! I was having a conversation with a member who shall remain nameless. I was relating what I was going to do when I found the renters from hell who #1 trashed our house, #2 left us with $4K unpaid rent, #3 stole our identities (oh like that was fun) and #4 relieved us of some apprx 20 years worth of Inuit and first nations art and artefacts. It involved a two by four with a spike. The member put his fingers in his ears and said, lal la I can't hear you. And then said but a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire works better.

Mom/Nan said...

Tina what a horrible mess they made of yours and robs home. I hope they catch the little bastards. Why do kids have to do things like this.It's bad enough breaking everything up and demolishing your home like that.If you want to steal something take in but for Gods sake don't ruin a person home.Tina just be thankful you wern't home alone with the boys,Material things can be replace,but my family are my life. Love you all dearly your Mommy

Anonymous said...

What a rotten rotten thing!! They'll get theirs one day and I hope you're nearby to enjoy it. Your attitude seems incredible - I hope you really are as okay as you sound- it will help the boys so much. I just feel sick for you all. Hold each other close and have a wonderful christmas - that will show the buggars!!!
I hope you get your stuff back- the important things.
melissa, curtis and christopher