Thursday, January 27, 2005

3 hour naps

I'm off today and am enjoying it. It has been bitterly cold here this week. We took Colby out this afternoon as I had to drop an Avon book off to some women I know in Dartmouth (yes, I sell Avon, which means I am not making money but getting stuff cheap because of the discounts) and he fell asleep in the car. He fell asleep shortly after 1pm and it is now 3:39pm and he is still asleep. I have managed to get most of the house cleaning done that I wanted to, have updated my avon orders and finally have a minute to myself. One or more of the fish in the community tank had babies, so there are these little itty bitty fish in the tank. I'm hoping they all don't get eaten! I was also just talking to my brother to remind him that he really needs to get the invitations out for his wedding. It is the end of January and people from away need to know so they can plan! I still can't believe my little brother is getting married! AHHH!!!

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