Friday, January 21, 2005

Baby Read is a girl!

I got a call from Adam last night. Genevieve had her 2nd ultrasound yesterday and the baby is a girl. At this point she is still unnamed, and I was teasing Adam that she will come home Baby Girl Read. I'm extremly excited for them. Adam is a passive man at the best of times, but I could really hear the excitement in his voice. Now all I have to do is convince him to change the baby's room from Pooh to anything else! We had our 2nd snow storm in a week, and due to it I again missed another day of work. It was a true piss off because wen I was making my decision on if to go to work or not it was snowing and blowing like crazy. An hour after that (approximately 4 pm, after I had already called and gave up my shift), it was beautiful. Colby and I went out to start shovelling for Rob, and the snow was knee deep! I couldn't believe how much snow had fallen in such short time. Colby found out how fun it was to climb on the snowbanks and then slide down again. It kept him amused. I am still battling this cough which has now been lingering for a week. It's extremly annoying. I was up most of the night coughing. Colby decided that 6:15 was a good time to get up this morning, so we're both a little cranky. Work should be fun.

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