Friday, January 07, 2005

The Years in Review

Well, here I am, 30 years old. Man, that just sounds old. I am out of my 20's and into a new decade of my life. I have had a busy day. I took Colby to see his first hockey game and he was fantastic. We went to see my cousin George who is up from NL play in a high school tournament. From there Colby went to stay with my Aunt Rose for a couple hours and I went to get Kass. We did some running around, I got my license as it expires on your birthday, and we headed home. I had all intentions of going to see the 2nd game at 4pm but Colby fell asleep and slept until after 5. Everyone at work signed a card for me and Sandra and Cindy sang happy birthday to me. What two fools. But it was great. Sandra bought me an individual strawberry shortcake which was heavenly. Jean called this morning to wish me happy birthday but I wasn't home, and Nicole and the girls left a happy birthday message on the machine. I called Sandra for a minute this morning and Madeline sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone. It's been a fun day. It has also had me thinking about what I have accomplished in the last 10 years. I graduated high school, spent 2 years in university, met the most amazing man, bought my first car, fell in love, moved to Newfoundland, met new friends who became closer than family and still are, bought a new car, got married, moved home, bought a trailer, bought another new car, had the most amazing child, bought my amazing camera that I have wanted forever, bought a house, bought a truck, sold the house, bought another trailer that is amazingly better than the house and first trailer, reunited with Tawny, one of my long time friends from high school and am very happy to say that even though we had some ups and downs, we are still very much in touch and in tune with each other's lives, watched my sister mature, fall in love, create a home for herself and her jungle, watch my brother meet the girl he was meant to meet, fall in love, propose to said girl. I became an aunt for the first and second time within a 5 minute time frame, watched my parents celebrate 30 years of marriage. I have also lost people over these years. My amazing grandparents, who I miss more on my birthday than any other day of the year because it was the day they never forgot, my Uncle Joe, who I got to know better when I was in Newfoundland as he was there also and reminded me so much of my dad, Rob's amazing grandfather Bernie, who even though I didn't know him as well as I would have liked, made a huge impact on Rob's life, which makes him an amazing man in my book, Rob's Aunt Millie, again someone I didn't know very well but was someone special to Rob. Looking back, I have had an amazing 10 years. The next 10 should be even more fun with the arrival of Baby Read, who I can't wait to see, BJ and Kelly's wedding in July, and hopefully a trip to Newfoundland with Colby this year. I also really hope my friend Erin comes this way this year from Montreal. I'm hoping she can find some course or something or come down for Gay Pride. I don't care why she comes here as long as she does. I haven't seen her since before Colby was born when stopped through Halifax.


Kass said...

You've had a wicked 10 years. Think about it with just us....during these 10 years we hated each other more than 2 people can ever hate each other and became best friends. What a screwed up thing time does?? Plus you didn't mention, your starting a little jungle of your own :-) Soon, I'll get you into liking snakes!! We'll start small for steps into the jungle :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (Again! :) )

May the next ten years be as wonderful as the ten years that have past!