Friday, January 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Genevieve

Today is Genevieve's birthday. I would love to have driven up there to surprise her but with my luck she would have been working. Birthdays with Genevieve make me think of the lopsided cake she made me for my birthday while we were still living in Newfoundland, which then leads me to thinking of 3am McDonald's milkshake runs in jammies. even though we don't speak as much as we should, she knows that she is in my thoughts especially ow that she has a new life growing inside her. This is a big year for her, turning 30 and becoming a Mommy all at the same time. I know she'll be amazing at it. Happy birthday my friend, I miss you.


Tina said...

This was posted at 12:10am on January 29th, Genevieve's actual birthday. Stupid blog is showing the wrong date!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes, your right, we don't talk enough. However I check your site daily to find out what is happening in your life. Thanks.