Sunday, January 16, 2005

Mt. Wannahockaloogie.

It's funny. I have a couple other blogs that I read and I get really annoyed when after looking at them for a few days nothing has been updated. Then I look at my own. So, I have decided before I grumble about other people, I really need to be more diligent with this. We have set up another fish tank, so now we have 2. We have a hexagon tank (I'm not sure how many gallons, you could help out here Kass) which is affectionately known at the "Community Tank", which is just a bunch of tropical fish. Right now we have 2 angel fish, a whole lot of little bitty ones (again, Kass you could help here), and a whack of Mollys (silver, gold, black &white). We also have a 25 gallon rectangle tank full of cichlids. They are absoutely beautiful. The colors range from white (known at Kevin, Colby named him) to a dark purple we just got Friday named Big Momma. They are soo active. Rob re-did the chuckled tank with broken bricks and plants, and the Community Tank has our own Mt. Wannahockaloogie, complete with bubbles coming out of the back. I enjoy just sitting back and watching. As I sit here and type this, I realize why it's soo hard for me to update. As I sit here, I have a little boy trying to climb all over me (we don't acondone this activity so it's quite a fight sometimes), and right now he has his head on my shoulder asking for a vitamin. He's quite the kid. I have always said that I should have had an ugly kid. Discipline would be much easier if I didn't have such a cute face looking up at me. Also at this time, I hear Rob in the driveway banging on my car. He's changing the muffler. The task began with him cursing because he couldn't find his work gloves. I hope there are no young kids walking around while he's under there! It may get ugly! I personally think it's worth it as right now my car sounds like a stock car. I am aware that many people pay a lot of money to get their car to sound like mine does right now. I'm just not one of those people and I want my quiet car back!


Kass said...

Its a 27 Hex and the bitty ones are Tetras

Anonymous said...

Of course you think its worth it, you're not outside in January working on the car.
Tell Bobby to bring the car up and we'll put it in my heated garage.

Hock a loogie...give me a break. Sounds like the Tina I know.

What does the other side of that hill look like?