Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Flying work gloves and heated garages

It's now Wednesday and I have been out of a car since Sunday. There were unforseen complications that after much cursing, swearing and flying workgloves stopped the process short on Sunday. It seems that there was a small piece of pipe that Rob didn't see that stopped the muffler from fitting. This is not something he bought, and as we are the only province in Canada without Sunday shopping (angry man fist) we had to wait. Then, as luck would have it, we had a blizzard Sunday night, so all the stores were closed on Monday, (again, angry man fist). Yesterday was my day off, and in desperation, I made a call to Amherst. It is now Wednesday at 12:28, and BJ is in the driveway finishing my muffler. He showed up here around 9:30 and him and Rob worked on it until Rob had to go to work and BJ is finishing it. The plan was to have Rob finish it tomorrow, but with the storm on Monday that was his day off and he is now working tomorrow. And to Adam Read, if you LIVED closer we could have brought the car to you and your heated garage. But, as Rob is a REAL MAN, the cold doesn't bother him, so he was able to work outside in January. You enjoy your heated garage chicken legs. Can't wait to see you in May! On a lighter note, I took pictures of the fish tanks with Dad's digital camera so as soon as he learns how to email pictures I'll post them!


Tina said...

Adam, for the record, mt. wannahockaloogie is from Finding Nemo. goof.

Kass said...

Whats up with some words like fish tank and digital camera being highlighted??

Anonymous said...

Dunno, I can't see it.


Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight...You can hock-a-loogie in your fish tank, but I can't put pooh on my walls?
My apologies for not being as well rounded as you, and knowing the details of Nemo. I suppose I'll have to start watching those movies soon.

I real man would have fixed the car. Sorry Bobby.

Anonymous said...

You're a real hoot Mr. Read. And no, you can't put pooh on the walls. It's just wrong. No kid should have to look at pooh.