Saturday, January 22, 2005

Books and bubble baths

I have just finished taking a 2 hour bath. Some people don't understand how you can take 2 hour baths, but in a tub the size of mine it takes forever for it to cool down and with a good book time escapes you. For the second time this week I found myself in an empty tub ( I let the water out but stayed in as I couldn't put the book down) because of the stupid book! I am currently reading the Irish Trilogy by Nora Roberts. I am currently on book 3, Heart of the Sea. I had to take a break to actually get out of the tub, but since I realized it was before midnight I decided to stay up to finish it. I also wanted to check to see if the snow started. I can't believe we're about to get yet ANOTHER snowstorm. This will make 3 storms in 7 days. We have no room left to put it!

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