Tuesday, January 04, 2005

3 more sleeps

I just finished reading Tawny's blog and she has me thinking about what I accomplished in 2004. First of all, I watched Colby grow a year older. It amazes me to think that just this time last year he had just turned two, was still in a crib, still wearing diapers and still extremly addicted to his soother. Now, he's just over 3, the crib is long gone, as are the diapers and soother. He' s so extremly independant that sometimes I just look at him and think, wow, where did you come from? He has this amazing little personality that just makes my heart swell to think that I'm helping to shape that. He has a memory like you wouldn't believe. He becomes obsessed with music, and has a favorite song that changes by the week, which coincidently leads me to making lots of CD's for the car, rob's car and dad's car. This week is "My better half" by Keith Urban, which he calls the Sweet song. Before that was Mr. Mom by Lonestar. At least he has good taste. And, as everyone now knows, I am turning 30 on Friday and am really having issues with it. I have never let my birthday bother me before, honestly, it has always been something I have looked forward to. But there's just something about the number 30. I know it's just a number but it's a BIG number. I have accomplished a lot in my life, especially over the past 10 years. I just can't believe that I'm leaving my 20's and have fallen face first into 30. I'll see what Friday brings and see how I feel. I also called Erin this morning. Today (January 4th) is her birthday. I haven't seen her in almost 5 years. I really hope she comes through this way this summer. I miss her like crazy. Colby and I left her a crazy message on her machine this morning. Oh, and for resolutions this year (which is ironic because my official title at work is Resolution Specialist) is to update my blog more. And get back to Weight Watchers. I started watching Taking It Off, the reality show in Life Network. I work with one of the women on the show, Wendy. I look at her then and look at her now at work and think Wow, she has really done it! She looks amazing. I can't wait to see the show this week! And, I got the week of my brother's wedding off. (Ack, his WEDDING) Man, I really am old if my brother is getting married!

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