Monday, March 14, 2005

Madeline Meets Goliath

Sandra and I took the twins and Colby to Kassie's house on Friday to expose them to the "zoo". Madeline loved it. She was absoutely amazed with Goliath, the ball python snake. She also held the bearded dragon. Alex loved the fishtanks. Sandra didn't know which way to look. It was quite amusing. We had another "storm" here on Saturday. It was timed perfect for me. It started just after I got to work, and ended about an hour before I had to leave. There were very few people at the call centre, so it was a very quiet night. I have 3 new people putting Avon orders in this campaign. They approached me at work over the past couple of days. This is really taking off! Adam Read I believe is in town this week. Genevieve mentioned that he would be in town today and tomorrow. Hopefully he doesn't stop in tonight as we won't be here! I can't remember if they have a key to this place or not. I know we always intended to give them a key. If he does, I'm sure he'll come in and watch TV for a while. He'll be dissapointed that there's no beer in the fridge though!

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Anonymous said...

Something told me you did not have my favorite beer. Free that is. I had diner with co-workers Monday night at The Shoe Shop on Argyle. Very nice spot, they didn't have my favorite beer either.