Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Use your own name dammit!!!

I worked another day shift today. I am getting used to it. It is wonderful getting off at 5:30. We are having a book fair at work on Thursday and Friday, which yours truly will be helping run it on Thursday night. It is all for charity. I have brought in 3 boxes of books and am hoping to bring home at least a few. I was talking to Kelly the other night after surfing the web. I am trying to help them with wedding details. She was looking for a song for her and her dad to dance to. She has decided on "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder. That is one of the ones that I found, and one that I would have personally chosen if it was my wedding. Genevieve stated that Adam will be in town next Monday and Tuesday. Rob is off Monday night and I'm off Tuesday night, if he's reading this and wants to drop in. And, to the person who is leaving comments as Scrooge, you're starting to bug me! Use your real name dammit!!!!! *grin* , Oh, NCIS is coming on! Trying to decide if this is a repeat or not. Nope, haven't seen it! I LOVE this show! I also got 2 new people at work who want to buy Avon from me! I started selling avon last fall, as the woman who was selling it quit. Avon does truly sell itself. In the little time that I have been selling it, I now have over 20 regular customers who order from every campaign. Luckily I'm off this Friday so I can organize it!

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Bobby better have beer in the fridge.