Friday, March 25, 2005

Well hello there.... hmmmmmm

I could not resist putting that picture on my blog as I just love it. I'm sitting here, trying to think of the order of events. When Adam came home, we were sitting at the table talking. I turned around to say hello and he looked, well, different. I couldn't figure it out, and admittedly made a fool out of myself in the process. Adam is now sporting a full goatee and his hair is longer than I have seen it. So, out of my mouth came, "Hi, you look different, did you have a goatee before? you look.. well.,, hmmmmmm". There is just no way to recover from babbling such as this. Now that I think of it, he did in fact have a goatee the last time I saw him, but he is now wearing different glasses. From the outside, I'm sure it sounded like "Wow, Adam, you look goooood.. hmmmm (which would translate into "Well, Hello there, yummy!" This is NOT what I meant. I just can't say that about Adam. Not that he isn't a good looking man, he is, if you like the "pretty boy" look. And I can call him a "pretty boy", because Genevieve did. I'm going to stop now. Again looking to get myself in trouble. Moving on. To be continued.

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Anonymous said...

Now that was funny.