Thursday, March 24, 2005

Gas station chicken and pesos

Here I am, at 10:30 pm sitting here thinking of the order of events from the past couple of days. We decided at the very last minute to go to NB because, well, I miss my friend. I really wanted to get up there and see them before she has the baby. The night before we left (which would be Monday) we took Colby to see Robots. Well, my advice to you, wait and rent it. It really wasn't worth the money. Even Colby got bored. On the way to the movies, my Cavalier shut off. I think that my gas gauge may be slightly off and we potentially ran out of gas as we were going up a hill. We managed to get off the highway and once it leveled out it started right up. We put a bit of gas in it and "knock on wood" it hasn't had a problem since. Though, truth be known it hasn't moved since Monday night and it's now almost Friday. we made it to Geneveieve's at about 4ish. She decided that for supper we would have "Gas station chicken". For those of you who don't know Genevieve, you have to picture a 7 month pregnant woman saying "Gaaaaaaasss (this is stretched out) station Chicken!!!". The chicken was delicious, easily the best chicken I have ever eaten. The gravy was second to none. It also came with what is called "dollars", which are in fact flat taters. Sort of a combo between a fry and a wedge. A fredge? A Why? Well, me being the smart ass I am, when Genevieve said "we want Dollars" I piped up, "No, we want pesos". You had to be there. Right now as she reads this there is a pregnant woman putting down a glass of orange juice (Baxters Orange juice thank you very much) with 2 ice cubes in it laughing and holding her belly. Hi Genevieve! Since Genevieve and the still un named Baby Read check this site daily, I will stretch out this story into a couple of blogs as she is off on vacation until Tuesday and needs something to read. This will encourage you to get high speed Genevieve! You could read more!
Stay tuned for "You hold the bag Rob, I'll guide it in", and "Adam, you look, well, hmmmmmmm", and "Guys, we need to talk to you about something".

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