Sunday, March 06, 2005

Rob told me the other day after speaking with Genevieve that she said that I don't update my blog enough. Well, if people left COMMENTS letting me know they were reading it I would be inclined to type more! Ok, that was a little harsh. We moved the living room around, again. Well, it wasn't WE, it was ROB. He decided that he didn't like the room the way it was setup. We go through this about once a month. I'm afraid one day he's going to do this when I'm at work so when I come home in the dark to sit on the couch I'll end up in a fishtank. We also moved the computer to the livingroom, which is more convenient now that Colby knows how to play on the internet. He is now playing on and of course I must admit, I do like this set up better as all I have to do is look to either the right or the left and see a fishtank. We have had a webcam since Christmas, and only last night did I find out that it can also take pictures. Rob had fun last night taking pictures of the fish. Anthony and Kassie are coming over tonight for supper and to hopefully hook up the Fluval Filter. The last time we attempted to do this we flooded the livingroom. (To be fair, part of the impellar was broke and we didn't know.) We will be putting it in a bucket before we set it up this time just to be safe!


Anonymous said...

I've been reading it, isn't that enough?


Anonymous said...

Eveytime we log on we check to see what is happening in your life. Adam will be down your way next Monday, and Tuesday.