Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The grand finale

I think I have dragged this story out long enough. We had a fabulous time in NB, and one of the biggest highlights was when Genevieve and Adam asked Rob and I to be Baby Read's godparents. We are just thrilled that they asked us. We are now in the process of selling my Cavalier, as we are buying Adam's truck. He is buying a new one and offered to sell Rob his. We initially looked into getting rid of the Grand Am but we still owe too much money on it. Damn it all to hell. So, we are selling teh Cavalier and the money from that will pay Adam for the truck. It will be very convenient to have a truck again. I am off today and Colby and I have yet to get dressed. It is a jammies day. We ordered Shark Tale on PPV and watched it in my bed. Well, truth be told, he watched it, I snoozed. And, speaking of the Cavalier, it looks like the other week when it shut off on the highway we ran out of gas, because I haven't had a problem with it since. We also lost a member of our family to an unfortunate avalance accident. One of our swordtail fish died when a rock fell on him. He will be missed. Burial has taken place. In lieu of flowers, the fish community asks all donations be in the form of fish food.

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Kass said...

Lets all have a moment of silence for the swordtail................(one minute later) *bagpipes play sad song in background* 12 gun salute....You will be missed little guy. *wipes tear*