Friday, August 31, 2007

My mechanics and other stuff

Watching from the window, he's getting so tall!

Child labor at work again.

Colby recieved his General Lee dinky back after we thought it was lost. He hasn't put it down since!

I blame this on Kara. She put a post on her blog a while back about how excited she was that someone brought her fresh peaches, which made me crave them. When Joey and I went for a walk yesterday these were at teh Northern. And at that price, I'm tempted to eat the pit too!

Finally, we're offically residents!

We've been having some exhaust issues with the truck lately. We knew it was getting bad when we left NS, and didn't anticipate how bad the roads were up here. This was Rob's attempt at fixing the tailpipe that was literally about to fall off.

This is the end result. The truck now has NO tailpipe, but Rob has a fun toy!


Denise said...

Holy! In the pic of Rob and Colby next to the truck I had to do a double take -- Rob looks just like Gramp S.

Kara and Matt said...

mmmm peaches!!
My mom and dad arrived today and guess what they brought me!!

40lbs OF PEACHES!! I have never been so excited to get fruit induced diarrhea ever :)

Rob & Tina said...

That's hilarious Kara!

Anonymous said...

Love that picture of the mechanics!!! So we're going to be neighbours- in the northern sense of it anyway. That's good- then we both have someone to call in the evenings.

Rob & Tina said...

Soo true Melissa! We'll be in the same time zone!