Friday, November 23, 2007

Bedford Sackville Weekly News

This was written by a close family friend who works at the Bedford Sackville Weekly news and this came out today. Check here for the story. I always joked with Dad that it would be a dark day in Sackville when he died, and I guess I was right. Check out the cover of the BS News on the left hand side bar of the article. My sister will be going all around Sackville today to get as many copies of this as she can so we can all have one.


dawn mclaughlin said...

It's nice that something like this can bring a smile to your face. Big hug.

OHN said...

What a lovely article! Just by looking at the photo of your dad, I can tell he was a fun guy. I am sure this holiday season will be very strange for your whole family. I know it was the first year after I lost my mom. It does ease over time though. Just make sure to love each other all the time :)

Valentina said...

What a great article for a great man. A big hug to you, Tina and your family.