Thursday, November 29, 2007

Old Soul

I've always said that Colby has what my grandmother called and "old soul". There's more to this kid than meets the eye, and he's wise beyond his years. Anyone who has spent time with Colby can attest to this. When he first started school, he kept telling me about a kid in his school named David (I've changed the name). He said David kept picking on him and all the other kids. I reached out to the school to find out that David is in Grade 6 and has a severe case of FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), which in him causes severe behaviorial issues. David has an attendant with him at school to help control him. The school is trying to educate the kids at a young age the dangers of drinking while pregnant. I know this because when Colby was initially telling me about David, he said "I know why David is bad. He's bad because when he was in his mommy's belly she drank alcohol which hurt his brain". Not bad for a kid who's 6 to comprehend this. He kept telling me how everyone hated David, which contributes to his behaviorial problems. I told Colby that it is never right to hate people for something they can't control, and maybe all David needs is someone to be nice to him. Colby appeared to brush this off, and I didn't want to push it any further, seeing as David is probably 5-6 years older than Colby. Colby and I were sitting down talking last night when he told me all out of the blue

"You were right Mommy. I was nice to David and now he's my friend and he doesn't pick on me anymore. I'm going to tell my friends at school that if they are nice to David he will be friends with them to and won't pick on them. Now when I get on the bus David looks at me and says "my friend"." It was all I could do to hold back the tears. My son is really special and has a beautiful heart. There's more to this kid than meets the eye.


Dusty Boot said...

That's amazing. God bless him for being so open-minded and kind to people!

OHN said...

Give that wonderful little guy an extra cookie tonight and tell him it is from a lady that thinks he is awesome :) (Mom and Dad have done a great job too so what the heck, cookies for everyone!)

Jen said...

Wow, he does sound very wise for his age!