Saturday, November 03, 2007

Greetings from the South!!!

Just to drop you all a note, Tina and I had to make an unexpected trip to Nova Scotia yesterday. I wont get into details right now. We are all fine and we will be home soon. Colby and I will be returning next week sometime and Tina and Joey will be back after that. Hope everyone is well, and we will blog soon. Tomorrow is Colby's Birthday so this trip has been good timing in some aspects, we will have a nice birthday party with all of the family tomorrow. Take care! Rob, Tina, Colby and Joey!


Anonymous said...

thinking of all you guys and I am glad you were able to get home. Take care.
Mary Lou, Mike, Raymond and Robert

Jen said...

I hope everything is alright!
Don't forget to stock up those suitcases before heading back to the snowy north!

Anonymous said...

wow- that was sudden- I hope everything is all right with you and yours- come back soon- the snow misses you all


Anonymous said...

wow.... hope everything is okay with you guys.