Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I see why teachers are paid so much in the North

Yesterday I did my first day at subbing at the school. I had a class of Grade 7 girls. There were 13 girls in the class. For the most part, it was "alright", and I use this term very loosely. As with all the kids here, if they don't like what you are saying they totally ignore you. I have a REAL problem with someone ignoring me when I speak to them. It is certainly a different world up here. At lunch time yesterday I was sitting the class by myself wondering if the money was really worth it. At this point I'm still not sure. It's really hard to try and instruct a class who doesn't want to be there and has no problem either being boldly rude to your face, or totally disrespecting you. I ended up treating them as I would treat a class of kids Colby's age, and I really didn't expect I would have to do that with grade 7. I'm tempted to tell the school that I will only sub if they need someone either in the office or the library, but that will really limit the amount of times I will be there. I'm going to surf around different job banks tonight to see if there is anything I can do from home when the kids are in bed or for the 3 hours every day that Joey is down for his nap. I had a home typing business when we lived back home where I would type legal letters for 2 physiotherapy clinics and email them back the letters. If I could find a place that recorded their letters and sent them to me as WAV files, I could do the same from here. Anyone have any suggestions for a good place to start looking for work from home?

Joey spent the day in daycare yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I guess he would cry for a while, then he would play for a while, then remember he was supposed to be crying, and cry again. He took an hour nap in a swing which totally amazed me. I couldn't find a picture of the swing they used, but this is the closest that gives you the idea. The swings in the daycare are suspended from the ceiling at chest height and are lined with flannel blankets. They swaddle the kids and slowly rock them to sleep. Pauline at the daycare said he seemed to really like it because when he woke he didn't cry, he just laid there for a while in it. If nothing else, this daycare will help him get used to the idea of daycare, so when we move and I go to work with Rob it won't be such a transition for him, in case the next daycare isn't as patient as this one.


Anonymous said...

It is definitely super rough to try to teach a class of kids who absolutely do not want to be taught. It is hard enough to teach some kids when you are there every day, I can't imagine it as a substitute in a school system like you are in. With any luck the kids will get used to you and maybe come around eventually. Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Do you think it would be any different in Spryfield? Moncton? Toronto? Vancouver?

Kids are hellions....and they feast on subs!

Rob & Tina said...

Well smother me in ketchup because I'm going back again tomorrow with grade 3's! And I don't know if it would be any different anywhere else, as this is my first time every subbing.

Anonymous said...

I hear if you shoot the first one that mouths off, the rest of the day should go smoothly.

If you just need someone to tell you what to do, I can handle that. Let me know when you want to start. I should warn you that the pay isn't very good though.