Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ferry, What Ferry??

So as I was planning my day yesterday waiting for the manager to come in wand decided the first thing that I was going to do was call and find out what time the truck was going to show up. We receive a truck every Wednesday and Friday which is how we get all of our stock. I decided I would check the managers email to see if there was anything important that needed to be addressed. I learn that the ferry crossing the Mackenzie River near Fort Providence is unable to cross due to an ice dam farther up the river causing the water level to drop too low. Uh oh.. No truck..Welcome to the north. This is not abnormal for here. The ferry usually runs right up until the ice road is ready. During the winter they make an ice road accross the river to allow the trucks to come and go after the river freezes completely over. They are now waiting for the ice dam to clear so that they can resume the ferry crossing, but until they do, looks like The Northwest Company will be relying on Air Buffalo to get our stock in. We will be waiting everyday to see if we get a truck or not. All of our stock comes out of Edmonton and then trucked up here. Now, they are going to ship it to Hay River and then fly it in. Air Buffalo is lucking out here! Well I hope things free up soon, we are all out of Pork Neckbones and we might as well be out of bread, milk and eggs. People are not happy! Nothing we can do but wait! Anyone have a spare stick of Dynamite??

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OHN said...

From this post on, I promise not to whine when I have to go around the corner to my overstocked store. I really admire you living where you do. I am too much of a whimp to ever make it!